Managing for Funding Year 2018 (Applications 6/1/2017 - 9/2/2017)

Welcome to The Hormel Foundation's online grant application.

This page will outline an overview of the application process and hopefully answer some of the questions regarding what can be expected from the applicant "you" and The Hormel Foundation.

The online application process requires the applicant to provide information relative to their organization and their grant request(s).

Grant applications will be accepted from June 1st through September 1st for the upcoming calendar year.

The general process includes:

Grant Submission (grant applications accepted from June 1st through September 1st)

  1. An organization must complete an organization profile.
    • This is organization specific information and is only required to be filled out one time.
    • An organization's required profile information may include
      • A copy of the organization's Form 990
      • A copy of the organization's tax exemption letter
      • A list of the organization's board of directors
      • A copy of the organization's financial statements
  2. Grant applications must be completed.
    • This is information specific to each grant request.
    • An organization can submit multiple grant applications if necessary.
    • Once an application is submitted, it is locked and edits are disabled
    • All application requirements must be completed before it can be submitted and may include
      • General grant description information
      • Budget details
      • Reporting of reserves/restricted funds
      • Reporting of fundraising activities

Grant Acceptance (after the cutoff date of September 1st)

  1.  The Hormel Foundation budget committee will review all applications and recommend acceptance.
  2. Applicants will be notified of their application acceptance status via e-mail.
  3. Requested payment dates are taken into consideration but the committee may change disbursement dates based on other budget factors.
  4. If accepted, further steps are required.

Grant Disbursements (disbursements are typically made during the calendar year following grant application submissions)

  1. An invoice could be required and requested prior to fund disbursements.
  2. If an invoice is required;
    • The applicants will be notified of required invoices via e-mail.
    • The preferred method of invoice submission will be via an upload through the online application.
  3. Upon receipt of payment;
    • Each organization is required to complete a "Use Report."
    •  The preferred method of "Use Report" submission is via a simple online form.
    • The "Use Report" can also be submitted via an upload through the online application.

Points of note within the online application:

  1. Incomplete  Represents an incomplete requirement
    Pending  Represents a pending approval requirement.
    Complete  Represents a completed requirement.